Nie huaisang and nie mingjue

Nie huaisang and nie mingjue

At cm, Nie Mingjue was the tallest character in the novel. Nie Mingjue was well known for his strictness and violent temper. In addition, Nie Mingjue possessed an extremely black-and-white sense of morality, and was intolerant of anything he deemed to deviate from the moral good.

For instance, he refused to show mercy towards Wen Qing 's branch of the Qishan Wen Sectclaiming that her lack of martial opposition to Wen Ruohan made her an accomplice, [5] and refused to forgive Jin Guangyao for killing several of his subordinates while undercover during the Sunshot Campaign. However, this intolerance also gave Nie Mingjue a strong sense of fairness and justice, as he immediately backed Xiao Xingchen 's evidence against Xue Yang in the face of the Lanling Jin Sect 's political equivocations.

Although Nie Mingjue rarely opened up to others, [7] he was rather protective towards those he cared about.

Nie Mingjue

In fact, the deepest regret of his life was watching his father's demise after being gored by a beast during a night hunt. He also attempted to hide the truth about the saber spirit from Nie Huaisang for as long as possible. Jin Guangyao noted that Nie Mingjue showed no interest in women, art, alcohol, or anything outside of his saber work and killing members of the Qishan Wen Sect. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

[Eng/Pinyin Lyrics] 陈情令 The Untamed OST - Parting at Qinghe (Qing He Jue) 清河诀 (Nie Brothers Song)

Categories :.The story is set in when Qinghe Nie Sect was dealing with their ancestral knife tomb incident. Nie Mingjue brought Nie Huaisang alone to do good for others by restoring the tomb back to its original state to ensure peace in the Nie sect. Through this, Nie Huaisang went from a playful disciple to maturing into the next generation sect leader and Nie Mingjue learned, understood his brother more and helped him grow.

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nie huaisang and nie mingjue

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nie huaisang and nie mingjue

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Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. Highest Rated Films Contract Relationships.Nie Mingjue's personality is defined by three things: strictness, bad temper and an intolerance for anything deviating from the moral good.

While this attitude won him acclaim and a reputation to match his martial might, the post-Sunshot Campaign shift in power towards the Lanling Jin Sect also marked him as a great opposition to their power, especially in the eyes of Jin Guangshan. Furthermore, as the trademark cultivation of his sect affected his temper, his intolerance grew to the point where he could not accept that two of his subordinates were killed by Jin Guangyao, then Meng Yao, when they were captured with him and brought before Wen Ruohan in Nightless City.

This was despite Meng Yao pointing out that Nie Mingjue himself would have died if they did not, since all three had offended Wen Ruohan. Like the other sabers from the Qinghe Nie Sect, it is filled with hostile energy and killing intent. The Chinese say that "the older brother is like a father"; this saying exemplifies the strictness Nie Mingjue expected from Nie Huaisang.

It can be said that much of Nie Huaisang's life - from the decision to study in Gusu to the ownership of paintings and books and fans - was defined both by fear of Nie Mingjue, and the determination not to follow in his brother's footsteps in the cultivation style of the Qinghe Nie Sect. As fellow cultivators from famous families, he has a friendly enough relationship with Lan Xichen to the point of being willing to swear brotherhood with him and Jin Guangyao.

Nie Mingjue's relationship with Jin Guangyao forms one of the central plot lines of the novel. From mild respect transforming to hatred and then a willingness to supervise Jin Guangyao to prevent the latter from advancing down a "wrong" path, their relationship transforms - from secretary and chief, to sworn brothers, and then slowly to enemies. Jin Guangyao's caution in killing Nie Mingjue with the slow-acting Soul-Messing Song marks the caution which defines how Jin Guangyao treat Nie Mingjue, and the subsequent dismemberment and scattering of Nie Mingjue's body parts across the land yet keeping the head is indicative of a form of hate, since Nie Mingjue had once sworn to dismember Jin Guangyao at their oath ceremony.

However, since Wen Ning maintains his own consciousness, there is nothing special besides overwhelming strength which defines the walking corpse made from Nie Mingjue. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Nie Huaisang

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. My Rating :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:. Lan Xichen As fellow cultivators from famous families, he has a friendly enough relationship with Lan Xichen to the point of being willing to swear brotherhood with him and Jin Guangyao. Jin Guangyao Nie Mingjue's relationship with Jin Guangyao forms one of the central plot lines of the novel. Likes Comments 0.

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Work Search: tip: words Une vie calme, paisible, bien loin de l'agitation du monde de la cultivation, bien loin des cauchemars Nie Huaisang was not the only one behind Jin Guangyao's death. He wasn't behind the reincarnation of Wei Wuxian. There was someone else. Someone who was forgotten by everyone who has seen her 13 years ago. She wasn't always like this. Like Wei Wuxian, she was once innocent and just an experienced cultivator, but as times changed, so did her cultivation techniques.

She became like this ever since Wen Qing died. She saw the person she loved burned alive in front of her own eyes. Nie Huaisang would be flattered that everyone thinks he's capable of the things Jin Guangyao and Wei Wuxian accused him off, but it is just making his life even more difficult than it already was.

When everyone takes you for a master manipulator, how do you prove your innocence? In all that time nobody had taken care to repair the entrance door and put it in its proper sliding canal, so it was easy for him to bend down, slip his fingers under the door and with a blunt jerk make the panel slide out of place. Without a fuss, the door was easily forced open like Lan XiChen had taught him.

One step, and Nie HuaiSang was inside the Hanshi. During the Sunshot Campaign, Nie Huaisang wants to help despite his terrible sword skills. But there are other things he's good at, and nobody can say his mind is weak. But nobody has to know. After all, he wants to go back to his life of general uselessness after the war is over, and Nie Mingjue would never allow it if he saw a single sign of competence from him.

But then the worst happens, and it is even more important that someone else doesn't figure it out. At least not until he has his revenge.

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In another place, Lan Xichen trusted his husband. In this one, he tried instead to trust Jin Guangyao until the very end. Having lost everything, Nie Huaisang takes desperate measures. He goes back to where it all begin, ready to change the world. This time Nie Mingjue and Lan Xichen will be happy, whatever the cost to those around them. The engagement between Lan Xichen and Nie Mingjue might have been politically motivated, but the love between them is real.

Nie Huaisang is running from his own nature in a desperate attempt to stay alive, at the cost of everything else.The prompt project: 3 favorite characters. Some people love him, some people hate him, I absolutely worship him.

nie huaisang and nie mingjue

A true master-schemer who served his revenge beautifully. His character is so much more than meets the eye. Yes, Nie Mingjue was angry about it and Nie Huaisang was concidered an air head by most people but he was living for himself and no one else. The prompt project: a sect.

My heart hurts for them costantly, and the Yi city arc is agonizing to get through every time. Grey and white sect colors, a neat elegant fighting technique and mercifulness as core value. The prompt project: favorite quote. The prompt project: 5 favorite episodes. I also like the ones where she has a sheer red outer robe with a white under robe. The red on black are badass and sleek, while the red on white are elegant. If I ever got transported into that world this is what I would want to wear.

The prompt project: favorite arc. Okay, listen. Wen Ning is my precious living dead boy who has been through way too much. Posts Ask me anything Archive.

The people of the time described them as such—Xiao XingChen the bright moon and gentle breeze; Song ZiChen the distant snow and cold frost. The prompt project: 5 favorite episodes Episode 3: first meetings, dancing in the moonlight, undead corpse and Gusu rules.

The prompt project: 5 favorite episodes Episdode killing Xuanwu, officially introducing WangXian, Twin heroes of Yunmeng.We get it.

It seems someone must have listened to our pleas. The Living Dead has already been announced as a spin-off film for The Untamedbut now we have news of a second film. Fans on Twitter, started circulating around a trailer for the film, and of course, that left us on the floor screaming. Of course, in the original novel, Guangyao ends up making this worse when he messes around with the Collection of Turmoil.

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Plus, Huaisang is often seen as a bumbling idiot, so Fatal Journey may be the perfect time to show his true potential. Twitter already has their own ideas, with Huaisang using his fan to grab a sword like in Mulan. We just know of what happened during the Sunshot Campaign.

We know how dry the world of The Untamed has been, so having Fatal Journey coming out in March 26th is exactly what the fandom needs. We promise only to send you the most relevant news, contests, quizzes, and polls.

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nie huaisang and nie mingjue

Never miss your favorite show again! Sign up now!He thought the kid looked like that bug that crawled on dead animals and said as much The parents are all in a polyamorous relationship. They can have whatever they want, they are perfect.

When Mingjue went to the cloud recesses to train, he cried for like 3 hours. He teaches them important life lessons and expects them to uphold good values. He treats his oldest like he would any disciple during practice. I missed you!!! He is. Her face makes children cry! She endes up being strict towards NMJ over his training and about upholding morals.

She wanted her son to be a good man. She also bought him anything he would so much as look at so he was a little spoiled Huaisang was different. He was premature and prone to illness. They were much more… delicate with him they were just too used to NMJ who was a fucking 9 lb baby that roared more than he cried Guanyu and chang he loved making lingce blush.

She flushed the darkest shade of red, literally looked like she was dying. Cut it out! You have work to do! They did start to get concerned though as he neared his second birthday. What are you talking about? Your brother should be walking by now! NMJ : He is though?

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Get up and walk! NGY : No no! Come to dad instead! And they obviously grew up on good morals. Notes: mustprotectmybabies liked this.

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