Little boy getting a whooping

Little boy getting a whooping

By Harriet Mallinson For Mailonline.

Mom Shares Video of Infant with Whooping Cough to Raise Vaccination Awareness

An adorable four-year-old boy has decided he wants to have kids in later life The determined bachelor-to-be has been filmed by his dad in Massachusetts explaining his thoughts on his future love life while he eats his pizza. He begins by saying that he might be 'protective' when he's older - 'but only for boys, not for girls'.

Mates before dates is clearly a mantra he intends to live by. A determined bachelor-to-be, aged 4, has been filmed by his dad in Massachusetts explaining his thoughts on his future love life while he eats pizza. He begins by explaining that he might be protective when he's older - 'but only for boys, not for girls'.

But when his father introduces the idea of marriage, the little boy can't hide his terror. And when pushed to explain why, his reasoning is hilarious.

little boy getting a whooping

When his dad introduces the idea of marriage all hell breaks loose. I would be scared! The boy muses on this as he chews on his pizza, seemingly concerned about how he is going to face this obstacle. But he adds, 'I do want to have kids I think we all know he'll probably change his mind about the kissing thing in about 10 years time Ever the modern, independent male the boy states, 'I don't need a wife'.

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little boy getting a whooping

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I had to contend with them all. My first experiences started as a child even before I knew the Lord. I remember we lived in a very dark area at that time; dark in every way. One day my brother was out on the front porch washing his feet in a basin before going to bed.

As he was sitting on the porch, he saw a shadow of a man creeping up by the fence. The man lifted up something to throw it over the fence. Immediately after this, he went mentally crazy. The man was bringing something to throw over our fence, so that some spirit would have power to oppress us, attack us, hurt us, or even kill us. As your brother called to him, he made the mistake to run back to his house with whatever he had and the dumb spirit attacked him.

If you give him a scent of a person and tell him to attack that person, he goes after him. However, if you make the mistake and turn back with it, he attacks you instead. That young man lost his life. Another time, and I will never forget this, when I was still a little boy, my Grandfather was sitting at his desk working one night.

Suddenly, he heard a sound as if someone was dragging his feet and coming up to his door. My grandfather got mad. Is that a fable? This is what hell is.

little boy getting a whooping

I would see different things in the spiritual realm as a boy, until one day I experienced something very peculiar. There was a devil that used to come around our area at Christmas time. From that time I started disliking Christmas, because the devils seemed to have more power at Christmas than at any other time.

Look at the statistics of those who die on the road at Christmas time and you will understand for yourself that the devils have more power that day.

It would go through the darkness with its chain rattling behind it and a man would drive it. I found out afterwards that this terror is the same terror the terrorists use. They want people to be afraid so that they can possess them. There is power in fear and if they can make you afraid, they can possess you. And so, the people in our area were afraid. I might have been about twelve years old at that time. This particular Christmas the rolling calf started coming and I started getting mad.

It was one little problem I had, I would get angry. I was mad at this thing that it could come and terrify my whole district. My mother and father were in bed terrified, everybody was terrified, and I was mad and decided that I was going to stop it. The saying went that if you went out and looked at the calf, you were a goner as it was going to kill you.

I could show you the nature of them and tell you story after story about how dumb some of them are. And so, I went out to see this spirit, because I knew they said if you saw it, it would kill you. I wanted to fight it.Used on bare skin it produces considerable sting at low force leaving no redness at all after 20 or 30 minutes. If a parent spanks over clothes in my days it would have been full sized knickers plus a petticoat plus a pleated woolen skirt at winter time they will have to use a heavier implement and spank much harder which increases the risk of producing longer lasting deep muscular damage.

Little Boy Prays His Way Out of A Whooping !

I agree that today a girl might as well keep her skimpy panties on. That brush certainly had a fascination for me too. But the main thing was I never really knew when it was to be used as we were never sentenced to "the brush. Generally however we knew that it had to be something fairly classic for the brush to be used and to be honest a "normal" spanking, while unpleasant, was not something that caused me to worry about too much until the moment.

Teen years we were always warned that we were not too old to be spanked, or "you're not too old to be put over my knee young lady. I don't think a bare bottom spanking is ever needed either, though my mom did some when I was under the age of 7.

My dad never spanked any of us on anything but clothed bottoms. My mom did what she was taught, like I think a lot of people do, so I harbor no ill feelings about them, but I have told her that her bare bottom spankings and implements were unneeded at the time, her hand on my pants worked the same magic on my behavior. And as far as dads not spanking a girl's bare bottom, my dad preserved my modesty as well as my brothers and I am appreciative of that.

The spankings coming from him were terrible enough since I was a daddy's girl and had so much admiration for him. Some men feel the same way, while their wives will spank a bared bottom Mom's always feel physically different towards their kids than men do. They are literally a part of your body for 9 months, and that's something men will never get. I can see where the dad might want to not do anything that would seem inappropriate to the girl as she got older. Having said that, I don't think moms should do it either I am against it I wasn't embarrassed at the time because it was mom and me alone in my room and I was quite young, but looking back I do feel pangs of humiliation knowing I was in that position of complete loss of control over my physical being.

Differently than my pants up spankings which were the normal ones in our house. I think I must have been about 10 at the time, just on the brink of puberty or maybe already in it and rather independent-feeling for my age. My sister would have been 6, almost 7. I don't really remember the boys' ages but they were slightly younger than me I think. I was as big or slightly bigger than the oldest, I do remember. He had pushed my sister in at least once and had tried me when I turned the tables on him.

I was a lot stronger than I looked I guess and was proud of my athletic ability. My undoing was the fact that it was a warm day and my mother had opened the front windows in our motel room.Apologetics Jesus. Christianity Love. Daily Living Marriage. End Times Paganism. Evangelism Relationships. Faith Salvation. Gifts Sin. I was wondering if I should use an implement and if I should pull down their pants, over clothes or pants and underwear down. I hate spankings, but none-the-less it is crucial.

Father Gives Son Whooping For Acting Up In School

I have found that if I can't get the point across swiftly, only one or two strikes on the bottom, he does not learn. It also seems more effective to use a spatula, not my hand. You don't want them to fear your hands. If the occurrence happens again, I don't warn this time, I make it fast and follow it with time out.

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No counting, no warnings over and over again. Once we seem to be out of the defiance period he is in I sit down him down and explain again why he was in trouble and I make sure to end it by hugging, zerberts, tickling, something affectionate that leaves him secure. I would say pants and underwear down, that is what i do to my two boy's twins age 5 and it works. You see, once children are becoming adolescents, then it's time to revise your discipline techniques with them.

Personally, I don't believe that this is the best time to spank your kids around. It might not even achieve its purpose. Left to me, I feel that discipline tactics should be age-specific. I mean, is it when my daughter has started her monthly periods or when my son has started having wet dreams, that I would now start spanking them. The truth is, they've outgrown it. Gina, adolescence and corporal punishment is a whole different topic volume on its own. Well, thanks for the compliment and God bless you too.

Gina, I'm sorry for not replying your post. I didn't check back in time after my last post on Thursday. Well,we live in Maryland but i grew up partly in Nigeria where parents see nothing wrong with whipping their disobedient kids. So well,it's commonplace to see people selling such things as the cane in the open market which is where I got mine, during one of those vacations to Nigeria. Now,my husband wasn't caned as such nonetheless he had corporal punishment while growing up and he's also a disciplined man who is a physician by the way and a role model for his children.

I'm still waiting for your reply. I recall being slapped in the face once, as a punishment for cheek. It was not effectual because I still feel the same way about the person who slapped me.

All my life I riled against injustice. Instead of seeking the truth about who was at fault, both parties usual fights were with the same sibling would be punished. Thus discipline was administered to both, guilty and innocent alike.

It made me more rebellious and resentful.

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A good parent will take the time to get to the bottom of every fight, or disobedience. Often there is misunderstanding. Thought and care should be spent instead of just lashing out in anger.To make sure, no one missed his point, Stamper included this caption:. No kids over 13…. They may whoop me. By many measures, the pro-spanking post was a hit, garnering more than 8, likes, 9, comments andshares as of Tuesday morning.

Elizabeth Gershoffa professor of human development and family sciences at the University of Texas, said there is no evidence that spanking is necessary or effective for correcting a misbehaving child.

In a HuffPost blogshe wrote:. Research clearly shows that spanking is ineffective at teaching children how to behave appropriately in the future.

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It also increases their likelihood of developing mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. Meanwhile, the American Academy of Pediatrics argues against spanking or other physical punishments because they teach aggressive behavior and become ineffective if used often. They sure listened even better! It worked for me, it worked for my parents, it worked for my grandparents.

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I knew if I got in trouble in school when I got home I would get a whoopin. US Edition U. Coronavirus News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Part of HuffPost News. All rights reserved. Huffington Post. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. But the reaction to the photo has been as polarizing as corporal punishment itself.

He said he smacked his kids only when they were under the age of Science be damned — Stamper insisted spanking worked for him. Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. Join HuffPost. David Moye. Suggest a correction. Today is National Voter Registration Day!Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a highly contagious bacterial infection that inflames the lungs and airways.

The pertussis bacteria also infect the windpipe, where they bring on a persistent, violent cough. The name whooping cough comes from the weird, birdlike "whooping" sounds that children typically make when they have the illness and try to take a deep breath between coughs. Won't play? Click here. Whooping cough often starts with cold or flulike symptoms that last 1 or 2 weeks, but sometimes continue for as long as 3 weeks. These symptoms can include:. After a week or two, a child with whooping cough will typically develop more telltale symptoms of the disease such as:.

Note that symptoms can be different, and more serious, in babies. For more information, see our article on whooping cough in babies. Whooping cough can last up to 10 weeks, or even longer, although the coughing fits will usually start to ease within six weeks, if not before. Note that the disease is usually less severe, and goes away more quickly, in people who've had the pertussis vaccine.

little boy getting a whooping

Whooping cough is very contagious. Your child could have gotten it from direct contact with someone infected with the bacteria or by simply breathing air infected with the germs. The bacteria usually enter the nose or throat.

People with whooping cough are most contagious during the early stages of the disease, up until about 2 weeks after the coughing fits start. Yes, because the whooping cough vaccine isn't percent effective. However, you're much less likely to get whooping cough if you've been vaccinated, and if you do catch it the symptoms are normally milder. Most children receive several vaccinations against whooping cough pertussis as part of the DTaP serieswhich also protects against diphtheria and tetanus.

The shots start at 2 months of age and continue until the child is 4 to 6 years old.In a powerful pro-vaccine message, an Australian mom recorded her 4-month-old son gasping for air and struggling to breathe as he battles pertussis — commonly known as whooping cough — and posted it on Facebook. The little boy, named Austin, has been coughing for 23 days, his mom explains. Harreman, who lives in Brisbane, told the local newspaper she was surprised a simple cough from one person could spread the disease.

Pertussis is passed from person to person through secretions from coughing or sneezing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes.

The boy has had his first pertussis vaccination, Harreman writes. This is getting worse because people are not vaccinating!

The video has been viewed more than a million times and shared more than 26, times. In a follow-up post Monday, Harreman writes her son is back in the hospital. Babies are at greatest risk for getting pertussis and having serious complications from it, including death, the CDC warns.

The best way to prevent the disease is to get vaccinated. The agency urges expectant moms to get vaccinated — preferably between 27 through 36 weeks of pregnancy — and make sure the baby gets immunized after birth. The first dose is usually given at 2 months of age.

Mom urges vaccination in video of baby with whooping cough

Family and friends who are around the infant also need to be up to date with their shots. In the U. Still, almost 33, cases of the disease were reported to the agency inthe last full year for which statistics were available. The most recent peak year in the U. Follow A. Follow today. Don't miss a beat, like us on Facebook. Disturbing reemergence of whooping cough Sept.

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